" LISTEN UP! These are the rules...

Rule number 1: do what the bear tells you to do.

Rule number 2: there are no other rules.

Rule number 3: never trust lions.

Any questions?"

~ The Bear

Dakota Kaiser of The Tribe of Awakening Sovereignty


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This is mandatory learning to ALL members -

For your defense, you only want VETERAN SWORDSMAN as they are the best melee defense unit and they only cost coins. DELETE flame bearers, veteran flame bearers, sentinels of the kings guard, and even renegade cultist warriors - their ranged defense is no where near on par with the veteran swordsman.


Because the ultimate attack that can be thrown against you will have all ranged units at the front with a 100% reduction in your own ranged defenders ability to defend.

It is easy to see why you want to have almost all melee units. You still do want some ranged units, because if you don’t have them the player will simply use moat tools instead of mantlets thus making your melee units very weak.

Through research I have found that the BEST defense setup is 80% melee, 20% ranged - 100% units on either the left or right flank - with all defense tool slots as arrow slits.

If you catch an attack incoming, ROTATE the arrow slits out and change them to murder holes which now also benefits your melee at the cost of your opponent not being able to swap tools. Also, change your setup now to 50% 50% 0% and still leave the 80/20 melee ranged ratio if the incoming attacker has any moat tools - if no moat tools are present, remove all your ranged units and go 100% melee. Remember to place 50% of your forces at the wall, and 50% at the gate. You will dominate your opponent.

After the battle, swap your tools and forces back to 100%, 0%, 0% and 80% melee / 20% ranged with all tool slots placed back to arrow slits - this is the BEST way to survive an attack that you are not able to be online for. While you will take heavier losses, you will not be defeated this way if your defense is all up to date for your level.

TAKE HOME LESSON: PLEASE DELETE ALL MELEE DEFENDERS SAVE FOR THE VETERAN SWORDSMAN and recruit cheap regular halberdiers for the courtyard.  If your wall can only hold 500 units, you want about 600 veteran swordsman and then 1000 halberdiers for the courtyard, as well as 1000 of ANY ranged defender.

The game will place ALL other melee defenders in front of the overall more powerful veteran swordsman, who then goes to the courtyard - this is bad as the new defending units are WEAKER against ranged units. The game does not give you the option to select which kind of melee unit to defend with, it automatically chooses the melee unit with the highest MELEE defense power, disregarding the fact that it might have far lower ranged defense power!

And in this game, RANGED defense power is #1 for holding the wall and your main focus for minimizing losses.


Sentinels of the Kingsguard
Veteran Halberdier
Veteran Spearman
Renegade Cultist Warrior
Flame Bearer
Veteran Flame Bearer

These units REDUCE my defense power when you send them my way!

NO\\NOTE: Kingsguard scouts (archers) and composite bowmen etc... ALL defensive archers are GREAT units and you want as many as you can get, but when it comes to melee you want to discard them or use them in attacks so they die off - as any melee unit that is not a vet swordsman or reggie halberdier is not a good wall defender - post level 70! But ALL defensive archers are GOOD at all levels.


If you forget, you cannot fully qualify as a true Omega King - because a true Omega King is always privy to such useful knowledge!

~ King Tyler V Durden V Shouse ∞

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In order to get a website on D3FC - you must be a level 3 member, you must own a blog, and you must link to d3fc from this blog. Then you can install d3fc chat to your blog And vise versa.