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Earn free Bitcoins for upgrading your hero!
Everyone who reaches the max level will receive $1,000 in Go-shares, generating tons of bitcoin dividends. You MUST start a new account on our site to qualify.
* You must run your d3fc miner while playing! If it slows the game down, reduce # of miner threads or reduce game image quality settings.

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Legends of Honor is a MMO (massive multiplayer online) hero exploring strategy game filled with action, adventure and courage. The ultimate kingdom simulator; equip your hero and go on an adventure that will make any boy or girl feel like a warrior - revered by your people! ★★★★★ 5/5 stars!
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 ☞ Legends of Honor Players Guide(coming soon)! 
LEGENDS OF HONOR DEFENSE GUIDE(coming soon) | Screen doesn't fit? Try zooming out under browser settings, or play in full screen mode: 回 FULL SCREEN MODE 回

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