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Earn free bitcoins for managing your castle!

NOTE: the bitcoin faucet is currently down, bitcoin dividends will be awarded directly from King Tyler. Message the King in chat to claim your share.

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 ☞ ABOUT Goodgame Empire: 
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Goodgame empire is a MMO (massive multiplayer online) castle building strategy game filled with action, calculation and courage. The ultimate empire simulator; build your first barracks and go on an adventure that will make any boy or girl feel like a King or Queen - of your very own civilization! 5/5 stars!
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Scroll up here and open this section at any time to collect LIMITLESS Bit©OiNS while you play! This is especially useful if you are waiting on any in-game progress timers. Need a Bitcoin Wallet? ☞ Click here for free wallets loaded with coins! ☜

How to use the "land of bitcoin" below... VIDEO TUTORIAL HERE.

1. Click "register" and sign up. 

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2. Click "account" and enter your email and bitcoin address. Use the link above if you need a wallet. ☝
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(Find your bitcoin address in the wallet menu by clicking "wallet" then "address".)
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3. Once you have entered a bitcoin address on the account page, save the info and click "Home".

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4. Turn on the land of bitcoin faucet by clicking "Open the faucet and get free bitcoins." Solve the captcha.

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5. Click "Collect free bitcoins from faucets" and solve another captcha for free bitcoins. Then click "VISIT NEXT SITE". Solve as many captchas as you can, increasing your typing and problem solving skills while in the process of simultaneously earning you an appreciating asset.
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6. After you are done collecting from the multiple Bitcoin faucets, click the Land of Bitcoin "Home" button again - otherwise Good Game Big Farm will run slow... :( If the game still runs slow, try refreshing the page. NOTE: you can collect coins even while in full screen mode by scrolling down whilst in full screen mode.
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7. Lastly, make sure the blue "Land of Bitcoin faucet" is always on. After you finish, close the red and orange buttons above this tutorial to hide this info and play the game!

 ☞ Empire Players Guide! 
EMPIRE DEFENSE GUIDE | Screen doesn't fit? Try zooming out under browser settings, or play in full screen mode: 回 FULL SCREEN MODE 回



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